nike01-500Client: Nike SB
Project: Niketown Kiosk iPad App
Role: UI and Visual Design

As an avid skater in the late-80’s/early-90’s, this project was a blast. Working alongside a senior producer and a UX designer at an Austin-based start-up, I designed this interactive, shoppable app for Nike Skateboarding. The skate gods provided us with tons of killer video, 360 degree product images and a flexible set of brand guidelines.

My job was to create new UI elements as well as repurpose existing patterns to create a product users could interact with in key Niketown stores. Users can browse, customize, bag and buy straight from the app.

HablaRadio iPhone AppClient: HablaCentro
Project: HablaRadio iPhone App
Role: UI, UX and visual design

HablaRadio is an application that allows users to record, share and play broadcasts from the large network of pirate radio stations- mostly operated by Indigenous people- in Central America. The app is currently in beta, available on Google Play. My design for the iPhone app combines contemporary UI elements with imagery inspired by familiar analog radio components. The interface will be available in both English and Spanish.

Alite Designs - WebsiteClient: Alite Designs
Project: Website
Role: Designer

Hipsters like to go camping too! Alite Designs, a start-up based in San Francisco, designs cool and functional gear for the ironic outdoorsperson. Alite’s deadline, however, was anything but apathetic: after creative was approved I was required to build a custom WordPress theme from scratch in exactly one week. After a few late nights I had pulled it off like a pair of girl jeans and non-prescription eyeglasses.

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virtrueClient: Virtrue
Project: Website
Role: Designer

Virtrue is a San Francisco-based startup developing a platform for identity verification, professional reputation and trust. They came to me with a static demo site and a custom-built Ruby CMS. My role was to design both the enterprise and consumer versions of the website, with a strong focus on UX and UI design.

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saberico - WebsiteClient: saberico
Project: Website
Role: Designer

A beautifully minimalist site for an equally sophisticated client, saberico. In a market full of cheap fast food and overpriced tourist fare they stand out by making delicious organic chemical-free fare. The brief required the design to guide visitors to the client’s three main channels: the restaurant, the deli and the chocolatería. Special attention also went into highlighting saberico’s new kiosk in Guatemala City. Finally, a credit card gateway and shopping cart were built to accommodate orders made para llevar.

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LeapFrog - EmailClient: LeapFrog
Project: HTML Email
Role: Designer and developer

Leapfrog sends out a lot of emails, typically with all the product shots, graphics and actionable elements per corporate email marketing best practices. For this Labor Day piece, however, I took a relatively minimalist approach and paired clean typography over a soft, abstract and colorful background. The result is an inviting visual message that garnered a great amount of clicks.

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Client: Fiesta
Project: Fiesta Everyday Campaign
Role: Designer

Fiesta is a supermarket chain here in Texas. Origninally catering to Latinos, they now carry African, Indian, Asian and other international items. The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness of Fiesta’s everyday items such as paper towels, toothpaste and milk, while highlighting their unique international offerings.

austin+ logoClient: The Austin-American Statesman
Project: austin+
Role: Designer

Logo for austin+, an Augmented Reality app for the Austin-American Statesman. Currently in play for both the App Store icon and in The Statesman print edition, to indicate AR content.

Client: LeapFrog
Project: Scout’s ABC Garden App Logo
Role: Designer

Logo for LeapFrog’s first iPhone app, “Scout’s ABC Garden.”

Client: TecnoPACA
Project: Logo
Role: Designer

Pacas (secondhand clothing stores) are extremely popular here in Guatemala. TecnoPACA is a Guate-based startup banking on this popularity but with a twist: importing massive quantites of scratch’n’dent electronics from the US and selling them at heavily discounted prices. The logo therefore needed to express three concepts: North America, technology and bulk/volume.

Namaste Nights - Logo AltClient: NamasteDirect
Project: Namaste Nights Logo
Role: Designer

Logo for Namaste Nights, an annual auction and fund-raising event held in San Francisco, CA. The event collects donations for NamasteDirect, a non-profit dedicated to providing microcredit loans to women entrepreneurs in Latin American.

Rock The LotClient: Austin360
Project: Rock The Lot branding
Role: Designer

Identity concept for an Austin360 live music event called Rock The Lot, which targets the SXSW Music audience. Along with digital and print ads, I designed the necessary rock’n’roll collateral including a 20” x 30” silkscreen poster, black tees and vinyl stickers.

Client: Austin-American Statesman
Project: Editorial Content Campaign
Role: Designer

A product of a unique and exciting collaboration between the marketing department and the newsroom at The Austin-American Statesman. This series of ads utilizes print, digital, social media and email to push readers to a specific front-page story each Sunday in The Statesman. The effort has resulted in positive reader feedback and has dramatically increased reader engagement.

Spiceworks event flyerClient: Spiceworks
Project: Spiceworld Party Flyer
Role: Designer

Part of a large body of print collateral I helped create for Spiceworks’ popular annual event here in Austin, Spiceworld. For this particular piece, my goal was to capture the rugged Western feel of Texas without going completely cowboy.

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