Apple Watch

Client: CA Technologies
Project: Apple Watch App Concepts
Role: UI and Visual Design

As part of my team’s innovation initiative, I mocked up these concepts soon after Apple released their Watch SDK and style guidelines. All three are based on existing CA mobile apps, therefore, my main focus was simplifying each app’s set of workflows down to it’s absolute essential function.

Nike SB

Client: Nike SB
Project: Niketown Kiosk iPad App
Role: UI and Visual Design

As an avid skater in the late-80’s/early-90’s, this project was a blast. Working alongside a senior producer and a UX designer at an Austin-based start-up, I designed this interactive, shoppable app for Nike Skateboarding. The skate gods provided us with tons of killer video, 360 degree product images and a flexible set of brand guidelines.

My job was to create new UI elements as well as repurpose existing patterns to create a product users could interact with in key Niketown stores. Users can browse, customize and buy straight from the app.


Client: CA Technologies
Project: CSDP
Role: Visual Design

The CA Cloud Service Delivery Platform (CA CSDP) is designed to unite unique sales processes, development efforts and infrastructures. In 80’s cartoon terms: if a user’s different services are the lions, CSDP is Voltron. My team was tasked to transform this traditionally desktop-based product into an iPad app. This meant mapping out tablet-based workflows, dozens of wireframe iterations and user testing. This was the first real test of the mobile design language project that I lead.


Client: HablaCentro
Project: HablaRadio iPhone App
Role: UI and visual design

HablaRadio is an application that allows users to record, share and play broadcasts from the large network of pirate radio stations- mostly operated by Indigenous people- in Central America. The app is currently in beta, available on Google Play. My design for the iPhone app combines contemporary UI elements with imagery inspired by familiar analog radio components. The interface will be available in both English and Spanish.

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